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skechers.jpegA class-action lawsuit has been filed against Skechers “Shape-Up” shoes. This lawsuit comes after reports of dozens of people becoming injured while wearing the shoes. One of the injured victims alleged that she suffered two twisted ankles and one serious injury after purchasing and wearing a pair of the “Shape-Up” shoes. The serious injury she sustained consisted of torn tendons and ligaments in her left ankle.

37 people have been named so far in a class-action lawsuit against Skechers “Shape-Up” or “Tone-Up” shoes. The advertisements for the shoes claim that the shoes contain a rolling bottom that changes the way a person walks. The shoes simulate the way a person would walk on an uneven surface, and by doing so changes a person’s natural gait. These changes in a person’s gait have been shown to negatively affect physical health. People who have worn Skechers have reported these types of injuries:

ankle sprain.jpegAnkle fractures Foot fractures Tibia fractures Femur fractures Stress fractures Hip fractures Pelvic fractures Ruptured Achilles tendons Back injuries Neck injuries
Risk of Falling Increases in People Wearing Skechers

The rolled surface of the Skechers “Shape-Up” shoe forces the person wearing the shoe to work harder to maintain balance. Losing one’s balance can easily happen while wearing a pair of these shoes and the risk of injury from falling increases significantly with age.

The class action lawsuit accuses the company of fraud and negligence. The lawsuit alleges that Skechers exaggerated the effectiveness of their shoes and that the shoes cause an increased risk of injury due to their design. Apparently, no safety tests were performed by Skechers relating to this product. Complaints have been filed with the Consumer Products Safety Commission, (CPSC), regarding injuries related to these toning shoes. The CPSC oversees the protection of consumers from injury caused by defective products. Many times, however, the CPSC doesn’t learn of a product’s potential danger until after an injury has occurred. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s database as of May, 2011:
36 consumers have reported injuries from wearing toning shoes.
Most of the reported injuries were minor, and they included foot, leg or hip pain and tendonitis.
15 consumers reported broken bones.

Recently, Reebok was fined $25 million by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for making false claims about their shoes. Reebok claimed that their shoes could strengthen legs and backs.

If you have been injured as a result of wearing “Shape-Ups” or other toning shoes, you may be able to hold the manufacturer of the defective product liable for damages. Defective product attorneys can help injured consumers obtain financial compensation if they have been injured by a defective product. The defective product injury attorneys at Morgan Dramis, P.A. can help you if you have been injured by a defective product. If you would like to schedule an appointment to speak with one of our attorneys, please call (941) 953-4555 for a free initial consultation.